Patterns & Rhythms (3-4)
This session is an introduction to movement and musical skills through basic Ballet and exploratory and Creative Movement. Props such as scarves, tambourines, hats and dolls are used to develop coordination and explore the wonders of movement. Class length is specifically designed for the behavioral development and attention span of the 3 + 4 yr old. This class enjoys its own “Preschool Ballet Showcase” at the studio annually in June and does not take part in our annual spring recital revue. A very popular course, these classes fill very quickly. Early registration is recommended.
Kinderdance (5)
This is your child’s first introduction to traditional dance through a combination class of Ballet, Creative Movement and Tap. Conga and percussion are used to teach rhythm and musical awareness. Etiquette, posture and grace are accented, while keeping dance a fun and exploratory experience. Specifically designed for children entering Kindergarten, this class evolves with the child’s educational development, teaching how to be expressive through artistic means.
Combo A & B (6, 7, 8)
In these combination classes, Ballet, Tap and Pre--Jazz movements are taught to give students a well-rounded base and a chance to explore all dance forms. The improved coordination and attention span of the older child allows for a more concentrated class, and the introduction to proper dance technique. These classes are divided by graded levels: Combo A for the 6 & 7 yr olds and Combo B for the 8 yr olds. These classes are fun and focus on creative approaches to movement working toward structure and technical proficiency which will prepare the student for the independent classes.

Independent Dance Classes
(Ages 9 to adult)
This is the basic foundation of all dance forms. It teaches proper placement, carriage, grace and poise. Barre exercises develop strength and flexibility, while center work allows students to practice classic dance principles. Ballet is a required class for all students and will quicken advancement in other classes.
Pointe requires a solid foundation of advance Ballet technique. The Director determines when a student is technically and physically capable of beginning Pointe work. When ready, a student will further prepare with Pre-Pointe classes.
Jazz is an American dance form which evolves and changes with the latest popular music styles. Students work on placement and technique while learning modern and contemporary Jazz styles. The class consists of warm-ups, floor progressions and combinations.
This is a blend of Jazz, Ballet and Modern which uses movement to interpret the lyrics of popular songs. Dramatic content and beautiful line make the dancer more aware of body control and projection. This class is by invitation only.

Formed at the turn of the 19th century, Modern dance was created as a rebellion to Classical Ballet. This form of dance emphasizes grounded movement, is an expression of emotion and lends itself to creative and innovative choreography. 

This newest dance form is a collaboration of breakdancing form the 1980's and today's Rap music. We introduce all levels of Hip Hop to the newest moves and use only age appropriate music for this dance form.
This dance form combines rhythmic foot patterns with coordinating body movements. Tap dance has historical roots which are integrated into all Tap classes. Tap Masters’ works are included in most upper level classes.
Theater Dance
This is a study of dance on the Broadway Stage or the Movie Screen. Musical Theater Dance is not a dance form in itself, but incorporates all styles. A typical class might include the study of a famous choreographer and his works, his technical styles and a sampling of his creative works. Students must have a minimum of 1 year previous Jazz training before enrolling here.

Adult Classes
We currently offer Adult Ballet, Adult Tap and Adult Hip Hop classes. Come join the fun!
Master Classes and Specialty Classes
Periodically our studio will host Master Teachers who share their expertise and talents with our students. These invaluable classes can expose our dancers to other styles and reinforce our technical teachings. Specialty classes are offered occasionally in 6 or 8 week sessions.

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